Our Vision

Accelerate2030 believes that a paradigm shift towards sustainable business practices is underway, and we wish to support ventures around the world to scale their business working towards achieving positive social impact in their communities, as well as to support them with internal sustainable corporate culture through our leadership coaching. We believe that the future of business relies on sustainable business practices, and the unique positioning of the programme in Geneva can leverage the potential and networks of many organisations headquartered in Switzerland, as well as the vibrant financial community in the country and rest of Europe.

The International Jury

Katherine Milligan

Daniel Ryan

Diana Pereira

Jonathan Normand

David Galipeau

Vanessa Erogbogbo

Mukul Kumar

Programme Advisors, Ambassadors, and Key Allies

Audrey Selian

Katherine Foster

Lisa Scheible

Louise Le Gat

Josep Segarra

Claudia Knobloch

The Geneva Team

Accelerate2030 is implemented by the Impact Hub Geneva team

Santu Boëthius

Ljupka Mitrinovska

Alexander Loris

Jay Burton

Enrique Hablutzel