Our 2017 National Finalists

Out of more than 320 applicants across the 17 participating emerging countries, 3 National Finalists per country were selected for the Accelerate2030 International Selection. We believe that the sourcing and selection of the most promising impact-driven ventures should be locally rooted, involving local players that understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem of their country. For this reason, we partnered up with an Impact Hub in each of the 17 participating countries that led the sourcing and selection of the 3 National Finalists from their country. The selection was done during the National Pitch Event, where selected applicants presented their business solutions to the general public, and a jury composed of one Impact Hub representative, one UNDP representative, and one key player in the local entrepreneurship scene. The National Finalists now receive complimentary membership to their local Impact Hub as well as opportunities to grow their impact nationally and internationally until June 2018.

The participating countries of the 2017 Edition are: Armenia, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Myanmar, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe


EyeCare Plus


On the EyeCare Plus app, one can receive a full screening and detection of vision problems using various eye tests. Based on the test results, training plans with daily eye exercises and therapies are suggested to support a variety of vision issues and maintaining good eye health. A learning platform is also integrated with documentation and learning opportunities on maintaining good vision and treating eye illnesses with personalised support from dedicated eye doctors.




GOALS supports and empowers youth to become leaders through the creation of safe spaces to play soccer, speak their mind, and challenge social norms. Their goal is to empower girls through soccer and thus create leaders, build confidence, and create a network of like-minded individuals that will aid them in all aspects of life. Through their soccer leagues, After-School Clubs and summer camps we aim to challenge and break down existing barriers to girls playing soccer while also creating safe spaces for youth to discuss social issues affecting their lives.


Green Age Aquaponics


Green Age Aquaponics provides a climate-smart agriculture solution employing and training rural communities and farmers to manage aquaponic farms providing additional income for vulnerable populations, with a focus on employing a majority of women. An alternative to intensive agriculture, aquaponics mitigates climate change saving about 2.5 tons of water per square meter on a farm per year. More than 5 systems are running with more than 300 beneficiaries of the produce from restaurants to rural families.




MGov offers intelligent communication products for engagement and communication aimed at social development in diverse areas such as education, civil participation and rural development. MGov uses the right technology and provides easy access to bridging the communication between the government and organisations with the population. MGov seeks to contribute to the quality of Brazilian democracy by offering the public manager tools for the design of policies that reflect the needs and preferences of citizens.

T-Access logo



T-Access sources and trains people with disabilities on life and work skills, computer literacy, and advanced technology to facilitate them in entering the labour market through partnered employers and support in HR. T-access also supports employers in integrating these people and monitors them ensuring they are not left behind and are able to be competent in their work place. An e-learning tool is in development to reach more beneficiaries.




Kamworks provides leading payment & system management services for solar home system distributors. With their PAYGO system, solar power distributors are now able to reach low income communities by offering simple loans and a GSM payment system to finance the investment to go solar. The PAYGO system also gathers data to tailor-make the pricing for end-users and to notify solar system distributors on condition-based maintenance and reducing operational costs pushed to the end-user.


Teuk Saat 1001


Teuk Saat 1001 improves the health of rural communities in Cambodia by enabling local entrepreneurs to provide safe drinking water using a UV disinfectant technology and a micro-finance scheme. The water is tested monthly in laboratories to international standards ensuring high quality and safety. Local entrepreneurs treat the water using solar energy and sell it to the community at affordable prices using a reuseable container. Until now, more than 170 entrepreneurs own and run water kiosks across the country with Teuk Saat 1001

Siembra Logo

Agua Siembra


Agua Siembra is a platform to empower civil society to tackle climate change (water conservation, reforestation, ecological restoration, etc.) by directly investing in strategic ecosystem restoration projects. Through commercialisation of mineral water, Siembra dedicates 50% of water commercialisation profit to pay vulnerable communities to restore and conserve water sources and plant trees for poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation.




Bive facilitates access to timely high quality and affordable health services to low-income Colombian families through a low cost membership. Members get access to medical specialists with discounts on appointments, medicines, laboratories, wellness programs, and rehabilitation centres, in a country where it takes an average of 2 to 6 months to get an appointment with a specialist doctor




AgroCenta eliminates exploitative buying by connecting smallholder farmers in rural areas directly to a buyer through their online platform. Farmers are able to set favorable prices, trade fairly, request logistics and transportation, and access real time information on weather, market prices, and warnings on pest invasion. To date, AgroCenta has engaged 8,000+ farmers in 15+ communities enabling them to trade at a fair price and reduce food waste.




BenBen is a digital lands transaction firm dedicated to improving government technology in Ghana. They focus on land & property management as we aim to create a reliable and trustful land information and transactions systems between government, financial institutions, and property owners. Coupling the latest in geomatic services, BenBen see themselves as the pioneers of a new age in land innovation that will bring Ghana to the forefront of land investment and GovTech innovation.

Dext logo

Dext Technology


Dext Technology is a social enterprise that develops and deploys innovative, science, and technology driven educations solutions for the effective learning of STEM subjects. Their main product is the SCIENCE SET, a revolutionary toolbox that solves the lack of practical science education in Africa and beyond. It is a miniaturized and affordable science laboratory comprising materials, components and contraptions needed to perform science activities and experiments right on the desk of students at the basic and junior high school levels.

Adelante A Logo_500 (1)

Adelante Shoe Co.


Adelante Shoe Co. is a for-profit social enterprise that works with master craftsmen in Guatemala to handmake modern classic, leather shoes. They pay their craftsmen over the Living Well Line, which is a new impact methodology used to define the relative cost of living well in the community where the shoes are produced. A value-driven enterprise, they make sure quality, price, and style are not compromised, and making sure all employee are paid fairly and at reasonable prices.

Gronn logo 500



Grønn upcycles recovered glass bottles and provides an economic opportunity in Guatemala City’s 5th most dangerous area. Grønn collects glass bottles from restaurants, hotels, and businesses, and turns them into vases, glasses, and home decorations through their manufacturing and disinfection process. Through their business they employ vulnerable people in underserved communities in Guatemala.

Yogi superfoods logo

Yogi Superfoods


Yogi Superfoods offers food products which are organic, no GMO, gluten free, low in sugar, vegan, and free of preservatives. More than 40 different products already received a sanitary certificate. Each product transports a motivational message with the purpose of motivating and inspiring people in shifting their reality to a more positive perspective. Their slogan is “Healthy body Happy soul” with the aim to increase the quality of life of people both physically and emotionally.




Ecoloo designs, produces, and markets an eco friendly, hygienic, odour free, waterless, sewage free, energy free on-site waste treatment toilet system that employs aerobic fermentation by special bacterial culture to break down the solid waste and turn it into fertiliser for entrepreneurs to sell. Through use of their toilet, Ecoloo also conducts awareness programs, talks, roadshows, trainings and activities to create awareness on the importance of eco social innovations, WASH and saving the environment in daily life.


FOLO Farms


Folo Farms is a community farm using food waste to grow organic and healthy vegetables to sell while training and empowering farmers to work in respectful conditions. The farm converts more than 3 tons of food waste per day from local partners into fertiliser to grow local and organic vegetables for the community (300 Kg per week), in a country with one the highest use of pesticides. Folo Farms believes that organic and healthy food should not only be accessible to the middle and upper income brackets but is a human right.


Saora Industries


Saora provides rural and marginalized communities access to clean drinking water and basic lighting through production, installation, and maintenance of clean technologies. This is coupled with education and community engagements to ensure maximum adaption of the technology that is being introduced, a sense of ownership and its sustainability, all at an affordable price for the community.



In the years to come, AKDI’s solution aspires to be the best, the fastest and most reliable in Mali and West Africa for the geolocation of health structures, making appointments and online medical consultation. Their E-Kenya applications can geo-localise a clinic, hospital, and pharmacy with relevant emergency numbers, make appointments directly with a health specialist, and have a list of medicines that is taken care by health insurances.

HVM Logo



HVM implements vending machines using African currencies coins, making one-use hygienic products such as sanitary napkins, condoms, needles, etc. available to anybody at anytime, and in public places to the common public. With this, HVM can prevent the sharing and reuse of such one-use products in Africa.




Koolfarmer sells on its website and mobile app fruits and vegetables certified by a label respecting the sanitary standards of food and the environment, and traceable to the proximity of their production. Koolfarmer will market the fruits and vegetables of local producers subscribed to its label also providing them training in environmentally friendly agricultural techniques according to the standards defined in the label specifications.

Échale 500px

Echale a tu Casa


Echale a tu Casa offers an integrated model that combines community empowerment, local housebuilding training, an innovative affordable financing system and ecologically sound building materials and techniques to improve housing conditions for the undeserved populations in Mexico. Echale a tu Casa implements this model through philanthropic self-build projects after natural disasters, private construction of new houses and improvements to existing houses, and a low interest micro-finance solution to families who want to build or improve existing houses.




EcoPlaso rises as an initiative for waste material reuse in the creation of a material that serves as a substitute for leather, with an animal cruelty free process and free from fossil resins, catalysers and toxic chemical substances. EcoPlaso is a Sustainable textile material made out of organic fibers obtained from fruits skins out of organic waste, as an alternative for animal based material and can be used as a raw material for the design and manufacture industry.


Hla Day


Hla Day supports small independent Myanmar craft businesses to be successful and sustainable. They build a positive change for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in Myanmar through improved income opportunities and market access, thereby assisting in transforming poverty into successful entrepreneurship. Hla Day does this by providing services through design and business training while offering supported access to a fair and supportive marketplace with opportunities within and beyond the local market, in part through local shops.


Impact Terra


Through their free online platform and app, Impact Terra supports smallholder farmers to access key information such as crop protection, irrigation, sustainable use of fertiliser, pest risks, and product knowledge to farm effectively and increase food production. Market prices and listings of retailers and buyers are also updated daily, and Impact Terra also helps farmers without credit ratings with access to finance. More than 2.5 million farmers already use Impact Terra which has now covered more than 95% of townships in Myanmar.


KoeKoe Tech


Through their free Maymay app, KoeKoeTech provides access to quality health information, products, and services to support the lives of pregnant women, mothers, and infants in Myanmar, with over 30,000 active monthly users. The app features a 1,500-doctor locator, tele-consultation chat with doctors and nurses, a community group chat room that users write in every day, a market platform with maternal and child health products, and information on family planing, sex education, diseases, relationships, and more.


Artemis the Finder


Artemis the Finder provides an ecosystem that empowers the Healthcare worker to make more sophisticated and accurate diagnosis for patients and introduce them to a pathway of care. This product connects clinicians, laboratories, imaging facilities and specialists through an EMR system, where patients can easily locate and book appointments with specialists with all data centrally kept and standardised.

Bambike Logo



Bambike hand-makes bamboo bicycles with fair-trade labor and sustainable building practices. The bamboo bike builders come from Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine based community development organization for the poor, working to bring an end to poverty. We have programs that include scholarships, sponsoring a preschool teacher, and a weekly feeding program for children, as well as a bamboo nursery for reforestation, planting more bamboo than they use. Bambike also runs leading guided bike tours (Bambike Ecotours).


Ndiyo Business Group


Ndiyo Business Group creates and improves a value chain with values and a social commitment in the potato and soap sectors. They building a strong relationships with potato suppliers and support them to train young farmers on following quality requirements, investing in people and their corporate culture, The group also invests in processing body soaps from used cooking oil of potato chips and distributing them at a reduced price to refugees. They are looking into collecting used oil from hotels and restaurants in Kigali to be up-cycled.


Pit Vidura


Pit Vidura provides safe, hygienic, aspirational, and affordable pit latrine emptying services for low-income households and rural communities thereby improving local sanitation and hygienic quality at a more affordable price. Entrepreneurs are trained and equipped to provide a reliable pit exhausting service for households, including transport model for removing the waste in hard-to-reach urban areas.


I-Drop Water

South Africa

I-Drop Water empowers entrepreneurs in rural Africa to produce and sell safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly drinking water to their communities. Micro-finance loans help entrepreneurs buy the complete and easy to use system which is remotely monitored to ensure water quality standards. The system can be easily installed in an local convenience store, purifying the water through nano-mesh technology. The shop owners then sell the drinking water through reusable water containers.

enbead kurumsal kimlik



BEAD analysis learns from the energy usage of buildings and its users and user this information to take over the energy management operation of the building. The building will not only be a smart building but also a building operated by artificial intelligence based on ever improving, anonymised data. It controls automation and redirects energy used in lighting and heating to be used where and when it is needed.

E-Bursum - Logo



E-Bursum provides a technological democratised scholarship system with is free and accessible for students to easily reach scholarships and educational opportunities. In collaboration with the government, E-Bursum created a customised evaluation system for grantors minimising the human effect on evaluation using an evaluation algorithm, document system and other application processes and finance resources resulting in students receiving replies to applications in under 4 weeks instead of 4 months.


Junior IT Academy


Junior Computer Academy provide computer education for high-school children improving their computer literacy and knowledge to face the ever growing digital job market. Their lessons integrate project-based learning and gamification where the learning process becomes joyful, amusing and natural. They now expand their education system to teachers and NGO in the region.


Rainbow Ecosystem


Rainbow Ecosystem has developed a manufacturing process and a production line to build affordable high efficiency houses using load-baring locally-sourced bio-panels (highly compressed straw, wood and clay) that can be manufactured in most regions of most countries, and complies with European construction regulations. The materials provide a far better insulation, are cheaper to produce, easier to assemble, are carbon sequestering, and provide a healthier living experience as they are chemical-free.


Urban Space


Urban Space is an innovative and replicable model for integrated urban development at the intersection of civil society and business. Physically the project is implemented as a public restaurant with an open platform for local events as well as with transparent radio station which professionally broadcasts urban and social projects. 80% of the generated income is given to local innovative projects, focused on the development of urban space in the region.

Cuidador - Logo

Cuidador Express


Cuidador Express is an online, on-demand caregiver platform where families and those in need can select the caregiver that best fits their needs. Caregivers can be professional or people with a minimum of experience. If needed, caregivers are given specialised training from professionals ensuring adhesion to quality standards with a recognised certificate. A registration process with interview and evaluation makes sure the clients know exactly who is taking care of them or their family.




Eposak promotes the development of sustainable tourism in unique, remote, and underdeveloped tourism destinations via a model where tourists actively engage with community development, and become powerful engines of change and transformation for those communities. Tourist get a deep understanding of the community’s challenges and experience the local culture while being able to voice their input and physically help in any development project capable of transforming lives like no other travel experience.


Trazando Espacios


Trazando Espacio is an educational project where children learn observation, design and construction tools to transform public spaces of their local community. The goal is to involve citizens to participate in co-creating and transforming their public living area together to create inclusive and community run areas with high impact to their daily lives and foster community spirit with the tools and guidance provided by Trazando Espacio.




Agrk have developed a community platform for farmers to share best practises and knowledge. Farmer unions send out information on weather, market data and prices based on commodities, while agronomists answer questions from farmers individually. Farmers can also post their prices of their produce and view prices of buyers and interact with them. By subscribing to the platform, farmers are able to set right prices and improve crop yield to increase their income. More than 7200 Agro organisations and farmers use the platform on a regular basis.


Maker Club


The Maker Club inspires and empowers young people to apply classroom taught principles into functional and practical projects for effective participation in economic and social developments. The aim is for young people to be part of the creative process of innovation and technology rather than mere consumers. Their program guides people between the ages of 5 and 17 years through a revolving STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, the Arts, Maths) practical educational program with tangible skills and knowledge.

Victory Farms


Victory Farms provides and facilitates a sustainable flow of integrated farming system knowledge from commercial farmers to farmers in rural communities. Integrated farming services provides a clean alternative energy source by building low cost bio digesters for slurry digestion as compared to traditional oil-based energy which is detrimental to the environment. Smallholder farmers are able to scale their production and escape the poverty trap as a result of using natural waste material that would otherwise be discarded.