Benben is a digital land information platform that aims to tackle the inefficiencies of land administration to promote investment, reduce poverty and encourage transparent land resource management. They leverage Blockchain technology to provide Governments, Financial Institutions, Realtors and the general public instant access to property information through an easy to use searchable interface. They interface with their customers to enable them to digitally make payments on their land/property  i.e property tax, annual rents, mineral royalties etc. Financial institutions utilize this trusted land information to provide lending to properties facilitating the release of greatly needed trapped capital.

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 SafeMotos brings increased value to motorcycle taxi trips in Africa. They partner with businesses to subsidize the price of transportation of customers, making their Uber like platform addictive to their passengers. They do this to acquire users to their platform, which uses telematic data to give them a safer experience. Founded by a Canadian entrepreneur and a Kenyan dev, SafeMotos has been ranked by Fast Company magazine as Africa’s 7th most innovative company and is a leader in the African startup ecosystem.

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Syafunda is a learning & data management platform with over 80 000 students providing access to localised digital content through mobile technology. They integrate the best teaching practices on video, audio and e-books into the school system through a wireless digital library for teacher training as well as student development in a South African context in alignment with the South African curriculum. Through digital tests they identify, capture and monitor performance data and profile each student for support, career guidance, and university bursary placement while giving their clients and schools real-time feedback and intervention capabilities.

South Africa

hearX Group (Pty) Ltd is an award-­winning startup with the mission of providing affordable access to healthcare using mHealth solutions that anyone can use, anywhere. In many African nations, the general awareness of hearing loss is low and the severe shortage of health personnel and prohibitively expensive equipment has caused a lack of screening programs, resulting in most people being unable to access hearing healthcare. Our innovative solutions have been used to screen over 70 000 people in 25 countries across the world and are as accurate, but faster, cheaper and easier to use than traditional methods.



1 out of 6 people still live without access to electricity, that is 13% of world’s population about 1.2 billion people. SALt have developed a cost effective, ecological lantern, based on metal-air technology that makes use of ocean water or salt water to activate and generate electricity enough to power up LEDs and make light. Targeting coastal and island communities, SALt’s main mission is to replace kerosene lanterns by distributing to marginalized, off grid communities who had been accustomed to using fuel-based lanterns for generations, having human-centered design as the core of their strategy.



TREE Alliance is a global alliance of training restaurants building futures for marginalized young people and adults. The highly successful model combines on-the-job training with life skills education and all the social support necessary to ensure that students become skilled, productive and happy young persons with a more secure future! TREE provides not only positive beneficiary impact but also customer satisfaction and enhanced sustainability for the organizations running the projects.


Hablando con Julis is the first technological solution for all ages, that allows people with speech, reading and writing difficulties to be able to communicate (talk, read and write) and learn, without any understanding barriers. There are more than 600 million people around the world with communicative difficulties and more than 800 million people considered to be illiterate.  People who once were thought to be unable to study, work or socialize, are now being able to be an active part of society thanks to HCJ, by excelling at forming and strengthening relationships, through its technological and pedagogical solution.



Piipee is a solution that eliminates 100% toilet water usage during urination. Its a biodegradable solution made with natural extracts that work in urine, removing the smell of the urine, change the colour, cleaning the toilet, giving a good smell without use water. Piipee is cheaper than the cost of water during a flush. Every day in Brazil more than 8 billions liters of clean water are used only in flushes. In NY more than 10.000 flushes are activated every second. 80% of all this consumption its just to eliminate urine. With Piipee, you save water and money!


HM Energy Mexico specializes in converting pollutant waste tires into green fuel and carbon black char using innovative thermal-conversion modules. The diesel substitute is used as a clean fuel compatible with open diesel burners. The carbon black is sold back to the tires production industries (30% of a tire is carbon black) creating a sustainable cycle on this component. Their impact is the elimination of solid waste, creation of green fuel and commodities, and development of sustainable technology.


WholeSurplus is the unique SaaS Marketplace that significantly reduces waste, while saving money and time for retailers and food businesses through easy plugNplay system integrations, providing the most accurate data analytics. The ultimate purpose of this system is to provide real time insights on waste down to zero. Our goal is to achieve zero hunger, take climate action, and create a system that enables responsible consumption and production. In six months, 74 tonnes of food, equivalent to 166,666 meals, had been donated in İstanbul, Turkey through our system and we had prevented 224 tonnes of C02 emission.