2016 Edition of Accelerate2030

Accelerate2030 was successfully prototyped in 2016. A call for applications was issued in 10 countries (Armenia, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Malaysia, Mali, Philippines, Russia, Sudan and Venezuela) resulting in 177 applications received. After a national selection, a global jury composed of impact investors, private sector executives and representatives of international organisations selected 5 finalists from the 30 short-listed ventures. After attending the Scaling Bootcamp and Social Good Summit in Geneva, the 5 finalists received customised support that included need based pro-bono legal support from Sidley Austin, IP strategy support, business planning and modelling support from Boston Consulting Group, export market readiness support from the International Trade Centre (WTO/UNCTAD), impact measurement systems from Codethic and market research support from Dalberg. Several ventures successfully secured investments in their businesses.

Agruppa creates a virtual buying group for fruits and vegetables among small shops in low-income neighbourhoods, improving their business, life quality and access to affordable fresh produce for all.

Agruppa exists to empower mom-and-pop shops in low-income neighbourhoods. Why? They are key to the nutrition of millions, selling 70% of the food consumed in Colombia. Yet they struggle to make their business work, lacking capital to buy in bulk and spending too much time and money stocking up. Agruppa breaks this cycle. Using mobile technology, we aggregate their demand for fruits and vegetables, buy in bulk from farmers and deliver fresh produce directly to their shops. This does not only give small shops access to wholesale prices, but saves them time and money spend on transport, improving their business and quality of life. Today, Agruppa serves 180 shops in Bogota, delivering over 4 tons of produce – everyday.

See more at: http://www.agruppa.co

Total Number of Mom and Pop Shops in Colombia
Shops in Network
People Impacted in Low-Income Neighbourhoods
USD of Sales to Shops Achieved

Dasaran Educational Program is Armenia’s first comprehensive e-Learning portal integrating technology and gamification with educational modules to provide equal access to education for all children in Armenia.

Dasaran has established a daily updated data-to-information and analytics system contributing to state-level policy-making and extensive educational reforms, as well as created an online tool-set for effective school management and student performance monitoring, providing insights to all stakeholders in the education sphere. Currently the program engages around 1 million registered users (students, teachers, parents and policy makers) in Armenia, uniting all the public schools in the country in a single platform. Through its activities Dasaran tackles such issues as unequal access to education, low effciency and high corruption risks in the education system, huge development gap between rural and urban areas. With its innovative approach Dasaran has succeeded in bridging the learning and technology divide across Armenia and making quality education accessible to all the children.

See more at: http://www.dasaran.am

Direct Beneficiaries
Percentage Improvement in Student Performance Compared to Traditional Education
Educational Games Developed
Computer Literacy Rate Among Teachers in 2016 Compared to 5% in 2010

We transform plastic and agro-industrial waste into beautiful and useful pieces of sustainable materials to produce architectural nishes and furniture.

Where others see rubbish, garbage and waste, we at Diseclar see furniture. Thanks to our inventive manufacturing process we’re able to turn waste in useful pieces of sustainable materials to produce architectural nishes and stylish furniture that can be used in and outdoors. By using non-degradable plastic and vegetable bres that come from agro-industrial waste sites, we’re able to create a product that both looks and feels like solid wood. Our stylish, custom pieces not only look great, they’re also resistant to moisture, rot, insects and UV rays, and are markedly better for the environment than traditionally produced furniture.

See more at: http://www.diseclar.com

Tons of Plastic and agro-industrial waste recycled
USD in investment finalised from alphamundi
indirect jobs created, mainly in plastic sourcing
Percentage reduction in energy consumption compared to manufacturing furniture out of wood

Ignitia developed the first highly accurate, highly scalable tropical weather forecasting model. We send daily, monthly and seasonal forecasts via SMS so farmers can reduce risk and increase yields.

Contrary to popular belief, global weather models fail to provide accurate forecasts for the tropics, a region with nearly 2 billion farmers whose livelihoods are dependent on the weather. To solve this, we developed a weather model tailored specifically for the tropics that creates GPS-specific forecasts that are twice as accurate as existing models. We use this to send farmers seasonal and daily forecasts by via SMS. We partner with telcos so farmers can subscribe through existing mobile networks, and they pay just 4¢/message (no prohibitive savings requirements). So far we have reached 90,000+ farmers in 5 countries across West Africa, helping them to reduce risk and increase yields for just cents a day.

See more at: http://www.ignitia.se

farmers subscribed
Forecasts sent to date
times the harvest increase by using the forecasting system
Percentage of working population in agriculture in the region of the tropics

Farming Black Soldier Fly Larvae to produce sustainable protein feed for poultry and fish. Our insect meal replaces resource intensive fish meal and grain meals in animal feed.

At ProtERA, our solution is to produce mass quantities of insect meal in order to substitute fish meal and soy bean meal mainly in poultry and fish feed. The Black Soldier Fly is an amazing insect. It does not eat, smell or bite and does not transmit any diseases. Indeed, this is an environmental cleaner. 0.15 g of its eggs will clean 13kg of organic substrate from all pathogen bacteria. Each female can produce up to 1000 eggs in a spam of four days of adult life and those eggs will reach larval maturity 15 days later. More importantly, those eggs grow on organic matter and can recycle the nutrients of food and animal manure. We will collect fruits and vegetable wastes mainly from agro industrials and market places and feed our insects with it. Our insect will consume 70% of the matter and the rest will be sold as an organic fertiliser. Lastly, the fat content of our larvae can be extracted as oil that has the property of biodiesel. Our product is cheaper and more nutritious than soybean.

See more at: http://protera.strikingly.com

tons of animal feed production every year
Percentage fall in water fish stock since 1950
million hectares used in europe for animal feed
tons of annual protein consumption by poultry in mali